If you are looking for a brand new quality sewing machine in Toronto, Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre is the right place to buy your machine. With the best prices in quality brands like Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna and Brother, you will be sure to find the right machine for all your needs and with the best rated service in all of Ontario.

You may currently own a machine that is in need of servicing or repairs, or perhaps a new replacement to bring your creations to life. We carry a wide range of machines from the basic sewing machine to computerized machines and several combo machines as well.



There are many brands and models of machines in the market today. Over the years, we have serviced many customers and the most common issue they all have is choosing the right brand and model of machine to buy. It can be quite a daunting task given that there are so many brands and models to choose from.

At Sew Here Sew Now, we made a decision to only carry the best quality brands and models to provide our clients the best value for their money. This decision was mainly to make it easy for our clients. This approach has given us the opportunity to specialize in the top brands and afforded us the time to be experts in all the machines we carry. The major sewing machine brands we carry are:

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To make it easy for our visitors to choose the right sewing machine for purchase, we have listed several aspects for you to consider before making a buying decision.

1. Purpose

This is definitely the most important aspect to consider in choosing the right machine. Whether it's for a hobby, serious business or just a basic machine for learning, knowing what you intend to use it for makes it easy when considering the other aspects.

2. Size

We carry models in varying sizes. The compact models may not have all the bells and whistles but are portable and don't require a lot of space for storage. These are also great for taking them to sewing classes, retreats or any sewing journey.

The larger models are more feature rich but may not be as portable and may require a bigger workspace for efficient use and storage.

3. Frame

Most machines manufactured today come with fairly durable frames. If you intend to carry it around frequently and use it in rough setting, it may be advisable to look for a model that has a heavy duty frame. In this case also look in one that has a good durable carrying case for additional protection.

4. Built-In Features

This is where size may be a factor in the number of features that a machine may have. Though we do carry some small models with features that would amaze the basic sewer, larger machines have more space to in-corporate more features.

Built-in basic stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, quilt stitches, cross stitches, hemstitches, utility stitches, buttonholes, needle art stitches and even satin stitches are the most common built-in features in many of the models we carry.

Some models have an integrated "even feed system" for sewing perfect seams as well as adjustable speed controls with a speed slider for more precise control.

How about a built-in needle threader? This is a must have feature to avoid the most frustrating task in sewing – threading the needle!

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5. Automation & Computerized

The integration of automation and computer technologies into sewing machines have truly revolutionized this industry. From the early features of loading, sewing and unloading of fabrics to the automated thread cutters to cut the top and bottom threads, pulling thread ends to the back side of the fabric, technology has given rise to some amazing features to make sewing easy and fun.

Computerized machines usually have a touch screen and are programmable with software to perform many of the tedious, frustrating and most challenging aspects in sewing like:

  • Software to help select sewing techniques from basic to detail sewing.
  • Software features that will instantly set the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension/portioning and presser foot pressure for the technique selected.
  • Animations and illustrations to assist you and provide expert advise right on the screen.
  • Tablet like screens for easy navigation with various multi-touch gestures and drag & drop capabilities just like a smart phone.
  • Stop and start button to sew without the foot control to make sewing long seams, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

The advancement of integrated technology into sewing machine is so advanced compared to machine of the past, that every sewer that currently owns a machine should seriously look at what's available today.

6. Combo Machines

These are sewing machines that also have embroidery capabilities. These machines are ideal for sewers that are looking for some embroidery features. This is a great way to explore embroidery while having a machine mainly for sewing projects. Most of these machines lack many of the embroidery features found in pure embroidery machines.

7. Power

This aspect depends on the type of material you intend to use in most of your sewing projects. Most machines will be able to handle sewing light fabrics with ease. It's when you wish to sew with heavier fabrics like denim, canvas and leather, you should look for machines with more forceful needle pressure.

8. Accessories

Look for machines that have a lot of accessories to grow with your needs to expand your sewing experience. Make sure the the model you decide on have accessories that are easily obtainable such as extra bobbins, extension tables, carrying cases, machine parts, feet, needles, maintenance kits and the like.



At Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre we carry the best sewing machines for the value and have many models on display for you to see first hand if they meet your requirements. If you are not sure of what you want, come on in and we will be more than happy to help you pick one. In the process we will also suggest what accessories and notions you may need to make your sewing projects are easy and fun. Call us at 416-282-0440 if you have any questions or better yet, come visit us, we are always happy to meet you.

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