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Here are some amazing projects you can create with a quality serger:


Thinking of buying an overlock machine? You should find the answers to these 5 questions to help you pick the right machine for your needs.


1. Do you already own a sewing machine?

Sergers or Overlock machines are specialized machines that are usually used in addition to a sewing machine. While you may be able to perform some basic sewing with a serger, keep in mind that you will not be able to baste, install zippers, make buttonholes, sew in reverse or embroider with a serger.


2. Is it just for finishing edges?

If you already have a sewing machine and are looking for a machine to just finish the edges, then you only need a basic serger with an overlock function. For this you will only need a machine with just 2,3 or 4 thread capacity machine. Be aware that some models can only sew with three or four threads not two or five. These models are called 3/4 thread machines

3. Will you be able to thread a serger?

Most sergers come with threading instructions right on the machine for convenience but if you have poor eyesight or any manual dexterity issues, you may struggle with this sometimes complex task. In this case be sure to look for a model with automatic treading feature.

4. Do you need to coverstitch?

Not all sergers are capable of performing a coverstitch. You will have to get a model that has at least five threads and should specifically states it can do this stitch. There are machines that are dedicated coverstitch machines, but do not trim the edges for a serged edge.


5. How often and what kind of projects you intend to use a serger for?

You will be able to get away with a basic or less-expensive serger if you only use it occasionally or on light fabrics or easy jobs. If you however, plan on doing a lot of heavy-duty projects , like jeans and leather, you should invest in the best machine you can afford.

Hopefully, the above questions helped you in deciding whether:
  • you have space for a serger besides your sewing machine
  • if you should get a model capable of performing coverstitches or
  • prefer to get a separate coverstitch machine
  • to buy a basic model for occasional light projects or a more heavy duty model for regular bigger projects
  • get one that is easy to setup and thread or one that has automatic threading


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Now let's take a look at the most common features you should consider so you can create a professional finish on all your sewing projects


This is by no means a comprehensive list and we will be continually updating it as newer models come into the market. Use this as a guide to determine what's important for you.

Obviously, you will not need all these features in your new machine, so pick the ones that will benefit you the most and it should help you make a better buying decision.


1. Adjustable Differential Feed

This is a very important feature especially for projects using stretchy fabrics. Most newer models come with this feature but if you are considering an older model, make sure this feature is available.

So, what is "Differential Feed"?

Well, your serger has two sets of feed dogs that sit underneath the presser foot which moves your fabric through the machine. The differential feed controls the speed and movements of both these feed dogs which can at different speeds. The benefit of this system is so you can:

  • create a normal consistent stitch (at the normal differential speed)
  • create a "gather" by setting a faster speed on the front feed dog
  • sew stretchy, knitted or thin fabrics like spandex by setting a slower speed on the front feed dog

Husqvarna Viking H Class 200S Serger Differential Feed

2. Automatic Threading

Threading a serger is undoubtedly the most complicated part in it use. Manually threading 2, 3, 4 or even 5 threads thorough a serger can be a complex process which requires good eyesight, dexterity and patience.

This has been a major reason for putting people off investing in one and missing out on the versatility it brings to your sewing projects.

If you can do without this feature, be sure the get a model that has a colour coded thread guide or lay-in threading. The lay-in threading helps in setting the right thread tension.

 With automatic or Self threading sergers, the tension of the threads are automatically adjusted based on the setting you choose. This feature makes threading a serger so easy, even a kid could do it. It will definitely save you a lot of time and frustration and make using your serger fun especially on projects that require changing multiple coloured threads.

Singer Serger Threading Guide

PFAFF Coverlock 3.0 Threading Guide

3. Automatic and Adjustable tension

There are two tension setting to get right, the upper and lower looper tension and the needle tension. Improper tension settings can cause stretch, fabric to "tunnel", loose and wavy stitches, "puckering" in the stitch. Here is a great article that shows you a detailed explanation on the causes of improper tension settings.

This feature can definitely be a time saver as well as a sanity saver. When combined with a differential feed system, it can deliver a very smooth and satisfying end product.

Husqvarna Viking H Class 200S Serger Adjusting Tension

4. Snap-on presser foot system

This makes it very easy to change to optional feet for specialty techniques.

Many models come with additional specialty feet as accessories. Here is a small list of specialty feet for your projects:

  • Beading Overlock Foot
  • Blind Hem Overlock Foot
  • Clear Coverstitch Overlock Foot
  • Elastic Overlock Foot
  • Gathering Overlock Foot
  • Lace Overlock Foot

Having a snap-on presser foot system will make switching these different specialty feet quick, easy and more enjoyable.


  • You should always try out a machine before you buy it. We have several serger machines you can test before you buy.
  • We are always available to help you when you run into problems or answer any question you may have
  • Getting replacement parts or picking the right accessories is much easier

Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre, is an authorized dealers of Singer, PFAFF, Husqvarna-Viking and Brother machines. We carry these brands because of their reputation in producing high quality machines with great warranties. All purchases come with a 1 on 1 training session to help you understand how to use your machine and we also provide great classes that are educational and fun, did we mention FUN?


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