You have come to the right place if you are looking for the best quality embroidery machines with expert service. At Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre, we only carry the the brands and models that will give you the best results for all your embroidery projects.

Not sure what an embroidery machine is? No worries, you can get a great explanation here.

Here are some sample designs created with the models we carry:


Buying an embroidery machine can be a challenging task. There are so many brands and models to choose from. It may not be easy sifting through all the information out there to pick one that best suites your needs.

Knowing what questions to ask, finding one that will fit your budget and of course making sure you buy one with the features that are important to you are just a few challenges most sewers face.

In the 11+ years of selling embroidery machines and 30+ years of sewing experience, we have seen all the changes in technology and features in most brands and you will be amazed at what you can create with the latest models today.

So consider these 10 Tips when you are ready to purchase your new embroidery machine. Print this list off and take it with you when shopping for the different brands of interest.


1. What is the largest embroidery design size the machine can handle?

You may come across many beautiful embroidery designs that you may wish to do yourself. Make sure you find out what size hoops were used. Keep in mind that machines do not stitch at the very edges of the hoop. If you measure the distance between the needle and the body of the machine (throat width), this will give you an idea of how large a design you can embroider.

Alternatively, consider getting a machine that has a long-arm or table extension. If the model you are considering does not have a long-arm, they may have an extension table as an optional add-on.


2. What accessories are included with a machine purchase?

Find out what accessories come bundled with a machine purchase. Many only include basic accessories. Some times paying slightly more may provide better value in accessories. Do not assume that you will get everything required to get started out of the box.

Accessories that are usually included may vary from brand to brand. Here is a list that you can expect:

  • Presser Foot
  • Various stitching feet
  • Hoops
  • Carrying case or bag
  • PC Software
  • A few notions like screwdriver, seam ripper, brush, bobbins, needles and the like

3. What different hoop sizes can the machine use and how much they cost?

Most machine can take more than 1 hoop size which may not be included with your machine purchase. Find out the additional sizes the machine can use and cost so you are not surprised later.

4. What type of screen does it have?

Some machine may only come with a black and white screen. Not all come with a touch screen either. We recommend one with a touch screen. Colour screen often offer more options like drag and drop features. If possible, get a demonstration and then try it out yourself to see how easy it is to navigate and perform the different tasks.


Would you like to experience first hand how these amazing machine work? Come visit us at our store or call us at (416) 282-0400 for more information.


5. How many design can you combine on the screen?

Not all models are able to handle more than one design at a time. Without this feature, it may take you longer to get the result you want. Many brands also provide computer software for Windows and Mac where you can create your own design to be used on your machine.

6. What option are there to transfer embroidery designs to the embroidery machine?

Embroidery designs are available everywhere. Find out how easy it will be to transfer the designs you like into your machine. Most models have USB port that make it easy to copy and save designs on and some even have WiFi capabilities to transfer between your computer and embroidery machine located in different rooms.

How about a phone app to notify you on things like your machine is out of thread or your embroidery project is finished? This is innovative, don't you think?

7. Can you sew with your embroidery machine?

This is more as a nice to have feature than a must have feature. If you are an avid sewer, having a sewing machine is great when your embroidery machine is in use. Even though a combo sewing and embroidery machine may sound great, you may be compromising specific features in each area. If you plan to do a lot of sewing and embroidery, we recommend having separate machine.

8. How many built-in stitches and alphabets does it have? Can you add more alphabets?

Most machines come with built-in stitches. Make a note of how many are included in the different models as well as review if those included are ones that you like. Verify if you are able to program more.

As for alphabets, find out how many alphabets are built-in and if you can add more and if so, find out how easy it would be to do so.

9. Does it come with software and updates, and how easy is it to update?

Most machines come with software already loaded in. It is important to know if the brand provides updates to their software and instruction on how to update your machine.

The software is mainly used for creating digital designs. There are numerous digitizing programs available with varying degrees of detail. It would be an added bonus if the machine you buy can use digital designs created by those digital programs.

10. Does it have a good warranty?

Dealers are trained on the warranty issues. Buying a quality brand machine may save you time and worry. Make sure you understand what's included in the warranty and see if the dealer you choose to buy from knows this information well.

11. Bonus TIP – Are there any 1 on 1 hands on training sessions offered on purchase?

Not all stores will offer this benefit. Like any new thing that we buy, it always feels great until we open the box and wonder, how do I use this?

Buying your embroidery machine from a dealer that offers this benefit will give you sense of ease knowing that firstly, they know how to use the machine, secondly, they can show you first hand on how to use it so that you can feel confident taking your new machine home.

Very few stores offer embroidery classes as well. Purchasing from a dealer that also provides classes is very beneficial especially if you are just getting started in embroidery.


We at Sew Here Sew Now Sewing Centre, are authorized dealers of Singer, PFAFF, Husqvarna Viking and Brother machines. We carry these brands because of their reputation in producing high quality machines with great warranties. All purchases come with a 1 on 1 training session to help you understand how to use your machine and we also provide great classes that are educational and fun, did we mention FUN?


Have any questions on how to buy a embroidery machine? Call us at (416) 282-0440


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